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8th Mar 2016

  1. Everyone needs to make sure to be respectful with each other, especially as you are representing all of us.
  2. Member rank will be given after 30 days or 2 weeks if very active online and active on Teamspeak at least 2 days out of the week.
  3. If you are going to be gone longer than 2 weeks (due to school, etc) please make sure to let one of the officers know and we'll put you on the "don't remove list". Anyone that has been inactive for 90 days without telling us will be removed. You will always be welcome to join once you get back.
  4. The Guild Bank is for everyone to share. Take any item you will use and deposit items you think others would use. Do not take items to sell on GTN or any other way. Green items will be vendored quickly as there's not room for much in there. You can also vendor them yourself and donate the credits to the Guild Bank.
  5. Our planned ops are all on this website's calendar and under the News section. Teamspeak 3 is required in our ops groups (however, a microphone is not required). Operation Loot Rules
  6. - 1 unassembled item, 1 schematic and 1 VMC per person. This will insure everyone has a chance to win a piece, a crafting upgrade and crafting mat in every op.
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Forum » Guild Rules & Information » Guild Rules Locked
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