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5.0 Corruption Sorcerer Healing Guide
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21st Jan ... MUw/edit?usp=sharing

Let me know if I made any mistakes since I wrote so much.
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Joined: 16th Aug 2016
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23rd Jan

It's a solid guide man.

Though for pvp purposes I do use galvanized cleanse and dark speed sometimes. Especially if I am going to be extricating frequently. I have an extricate macro that pulls em first, immediately cleanses (triggering insta-cast,) I use the insta cast on Dark Infusion triggering the insta-cast on Dark Heal (boosting the targets moving speed.) Followed by a static barrier for luck, lol.

I will admit/concede that this macro is most useful in Huttball, but it's saved asses on other pvp maps as well.

For PvE ignore everything I just typed, LoL

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25th Jan

Which PvP maps would you use extricate frequently other than Huttball maps? Players have chewed me out for doing that before in other maps.

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24th Apr

hey malo, do you have a lightning guide? 
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