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Invading Makeb
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th May 2016
We're invading Makeb but it's already a pretty rough start this week on conquest: the bigger guilds are already around 4-14 mil points! When it's a crafting week whisper Killsome (in-game) for mats and supplies.

Story Mode Raids/Operations will be held at 9pm Eastern time and Hard Mode Operations on the weekends at 9pm and 10pm Eastern.
Please make sure to send Radley-walters & Malocath in-game mail on what gear pieces you still need so we can get you geared up for hm operations!

We are also setting up a PvP contest, if you are interested send a message to Malocath or Veti (in-game or here). There will be prizes (credits, items, outfits)! (:

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