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Guild Rules

• Everyone needs to make sure to be respectful with each other, especially as you are representing all of us.

• Member rank will be given after 30 days or 2 weeks if very active online and active on Teamspeak at least 2 days out of the week.

• The Guild Bank is for everyone to share. Take any item you will use and deposit items you think others would use. Do not take items to sell on GTN or any other way. Green items will be vendored quickly as there's not room for much in there. You can also vendor them yourself and donate the credits to the Guild Bank.

• Our planned ops are all on this website's calendar. Teamspeak is required in our ops groups. People who sign up will be invited into the raid first. Next we will have to make sure we have the proper group makeup (tanks, heals, dps). We may have to adjust the group for this reason. Then we will ask in guild if anyone else wants to go.- Send Demonicshade in-game mail if you can or can't make a raid.

• Operation Loot Rules- 1 set unassembled piece per person and need on any other items (such as decorations, mounts, etc) and once you have gotten that greed it if it comes up again. This will insure everyone has a chance to win an upgrade and decoration in every op.

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